One of the New Eden gardeners introduced us to this cool website. On you can plan your garden, get reminders of when to plants your different veggies, good gardening tips and more. Click here to get more info.
Online Garden Planning Tool

My Beneficial Garden Bug

30 degrees and sunny.  A perfect day to double dig 4 beautiful beds.  Brian, Jake and I got a late start, but began digging around 9am.  Jake got exceptionally dirty and despite my efforts ate his first fistfuls of grass.  Trench after trench, our bodies are aching today, but it feels great to have accomplished [...]

Time to Start Those Indoor Seedlings

As temperatures dip tonight to fifteen degrees its a pleasure to look at all my little seedlings waiting patiently for last week’s
Pressing seed blocker into moistened seed starting mix.
tease of balmy weather to be more consistent.  Different vegetables thrive under different growing conditions. Most members of the cabbage (Brassicaceae) family are [...]


Here are the girls… They don’t have names yet.  This is a privilege we are reserving for the first term  chicken co-op share holders.  We hope you’ll get to know each of them and love them as we do.  (I will be adding more information about each chick in time…Breed, qualities, likes, dislikes, etc…)

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The Chickens Have Arrived!!!!

The new home. All ready for the move in!
14 baby chickens, living in an old dog crate, what could be better.  Today we went and purchased 14 baby chickens from the local Agway.  3 Aruacanas, 3 Rhode Island Reds, 3 White Leg Horns, 3 Gold Comets, and 2 Barred Rocks.  We should have a [...]

To Till or Not to Till Revisited

Spring has arrived and with it the task of soil preparation for planting. If you have an established plot this could be as simple as sprinkling compost and minerals to rake in. If you’re new it will require a bit more work.
There’s lots of lively debate over the various methods used by both large [...]

Got Questions? Got Answers? Join our New Eden Garden Forum

Here at  New Eden, we are very excited about our New Eden Garden Forum. Many of our New Eden Gardeners are new to organic gardening and tell me that they are filled with  both excitement and trepidation. Now we have a venue to ask those vexing garden questions to your peers and New Eden experts. [...]